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Maxin', Relaxin' All Cool, Torturing Some Children Inside A "School" (Sirenswail 4) CW: Child Experimentation

Date: Early fall 1640 Location: South English countryside, London Main Cast: Shio the Alice, Gundisalvus the Magic-User, Sadith the Elf Supporting Cast: Helga of the Ulvenbrigaad, Harold the Mule Previously: The party sniffed out Father Osreth, fugitive priest, and took part in his sacrifice and the ensuing highly debauched feast. Presently: After coming down from the high of the orgy, the sacrifice, the feasting -you know, the little things that make all the dirt and blood-caked parts of adventuring life worthwhile- Shio and Gund had a frank conversation with Marvale. In a surprise twist, he revealed that they were originally intended to be sacrifices. Indeed, shocking- but he had been impressed by their sincere effort to help the island by hunting Osreth, and participating in the ritual which ostensibly would render Sirenswail sacrosanct against Christian influence and persecution via magical protection. They were, if they would agree to keep the Island's secret and serve Sar

Ok, fine, it IS a Human Sacrifice Feast. (Sirenswail 3.5) NSFW, Content Warning: Torture

Date: Late summer 1640 Location: The Island of Sirenswail, southwest of Cornwall Main Cast: Shio the Alice, Gundisalvus the Magic-User Supporting Cast: Helga of the Ulvenbrigaad, Harold the Mule Previously: The party explored the Island, touring the cult's burial sites, orchards and House of Contentment. Shio found love. Presently: Having successfully made eyes at a sacred sex worker, Shio and the rest headed back to the tavern. There they found the small-town sense of community that everyone dreams of: it seemed the entirety of the Island had come together to drink, dance and hobnob. They settled into a corner table where Shio enjoyed the company of Ayesha, Gundisalvus the company of Sally Clay, Helga that of copious liquor. Harold, for his part, the soft fur of a fine young mule in the paddock- a purely physical but nonetheless enjoyable romp, as he knew that he was unlikely to find himself another of his own erudition in this land.  The party made small talk for awhile until