The Lucky Idiot

This class is for the player who doesn’t know the rules, or doesn’t care. The player who fucks around and clashes with the tone of the campaign, who’s both annoying and entertaining. It’s a way for them to engage and let them attempt all the stupid shit they want, with astronomical odds and entertainment more in mind than success. Their actions are more or less confined to themselves; they shouldn’t get the opportunity to derail the campaign for other players, but should have the ability to get creative and weird. And the Ref gets to have fun describing the effects of their antics, whether they succeed and baffle the other players and NPCs with their oddity, fail spectacularly, or take place entirely in the imagination of the Lucky idiot while something completely different occurs in reality.

The Lucky Idiot can break the laws of physics and attempt actions that are impossible for other characters. Jump off of a cliff and bounce off the bottom like a trampoline? Check. Throw a sword like a boomerang? Sure thing. Catch an arrow in their teeth? Yup. Can they do any of these things consistently? Nooooo. Does their luck protect them from the consequences of their actions? Nope. Is there even a good chance of success? Hell naw.

Experience, hit points, and saves as the LotFP Fighter. The Lucky Idiot gains +1 to their attack bonus every odd-numbered level. Given the nature of the class, they likely won’t often choose to attack normally, but this gives them a bit of an incentive to do so and take a break from being a fucking moron.

The Lucky Idiot does not have a Charisma score. They’re so foolish and stupid that no one really likes them, they’re just tolerated, and they’re so impossible to take seriously that they can’t possibly convince anyone of anything. They are, however, Lucky. The Idiot’s Charisma ability is replaced by Luck. They have a number of Luck points equal to their ability bonus, and can spend points for a variety of things. Luck replenishes when the Idiot gets a laugh from the Ref, but cannot be replenished the same round as the point is spent.

Luck point uses:
  • A re-roll on a normal action or attack 
  • An automatic success on a saving throw 
  • A 1-round “rewind” in which the Idiot can choose to act differently, although others’ actions and rolls remain the same.
The Lucky Idiot is allowed to declare ridiculous actions. The Ref is allowed to determine the conditions for their success. Whatever random and unlikely die roll the Ref wants to impose, the Idiot must accept. If they succeed, their action works as described, to wonderful effect. Of course the chance of success is inversely proportional to its outlandishness, and should be as wacky, as well.

Die roll suggestions:
  • Roll a prime number on a d100 
  • Roll 3 random dice. All must achieve their maximum result. 
  • Roll a d4, d6, and d8. The d4 result must be greater than the d6 result, which in turn must be greater than the d8 result. Vary the die types for different levels of unlikelihood. 
  • Roll 2d6. One must come up 1, the other 6. You may designate specifically which die must roll which result. 
  • Contested roll with the Ref. The player rolls a d10, and the Ref rolls a d20. 
  • Roll a random die and d100. The smaller die must be a factor of the d100 result. 
  • Choose a target number. Roll 2 dice (type is Ref’s discretion), and the product must be above/below the target number. 
  • Choose a target number. The player takes 2 dice and must juggle them several times without dropping them, then roll. The sum must be higher/lower than the target number.


  1. This is dope. I've never thought about replacing attributes in a class but the idea seems like a very interesting way to make race-as-class more mechanically distinct.

    1. Thanks!
      I more or less took it from Dungeon Crawl Classics, they combine Wis and Cha into Personality and add a Luck stat. It's a cool mechanic.
      Honestly, I may just do away with Charisma all together and judge bonuses to reaction rolls based off of roleplaying. I mean, what is the damn thing good for anyway?


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