Dark Lord Blood, Servant of Satan

Inspired by this compilation of old Satanic Panic videos from the Found Footage Festival, featuring a fly brother by the name of Dark Lord Blood.

Once upon a time, there was a kind, sensitive child named Christian. He came from a poor family who worked a farm that never seemed to be able to produce more than just enough to survive another winter. Knowing that there was no future they could give their son, his parents found a sympathetic butcher with no children of his own who agreed to take Christian as an apprentice alongside his other young ward, Blake. 

Alas, his master favored Blake, following tradition and respecting his longer term of service. Christian was heartbroken and could take no more. He fled from his village, desperate for a way to prove himself, or perhaps to plot revenge on Blake, who had bullied him in secret and taken the only chance Christian had to raise his station in life and provide for his parents.

It was not long before the young boy had exhausted his meager savings and was forced to live in the gutter, barely avoiding starvation, as he always had before his apprenticeship. Driven to this nadir, Christian offered his soul to the dark clutches of Satan in exchange for the power to lay Blake low and force him to suffer as he had suffered. The Dark Lord Blood was born.

Listen to some Satanic Warmaster. Because, duh.
He now has a circle of acquaintances who have formed a loose coven, although they only associate with him out of necessity, considering him somewhat of a fool but for the power he was granted by the Great Deceiver. They pursue the unholy goal of murdering couples that are foretold by the flames to conceive children of holy providence, and they strike during the very act of copulation in order to condemn the soul of the unborn child to the fires of Hell. The hearts of the parents are taken and placed in local churches in the dead of night, striking fear into the hearts of the faithful.

Using This Motherfucker In Your Campaign: As an NPC encounter, or as a friend to the party. Tracking their coven or saving a sacrifice might be a fun mini-quest.

Suggestion: there is a 50% chance that if Dark Lord Blood's coven is in the area that the events of F*** For Satan are also taking place in the same town, although they have nothing to do with his coven and none of them ever get invited to the kinky parties because they're losers. (warning: adult content)

Dark Lord Blood Satanist Coven Leader/Level 6 Magic-User
14 HP
13 AC
Str 8
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 11
Wis 11
Cha 8

Levitate, Suggestion, Those of the Unlight*, Deathlike Silence*, Faithful Hound, Seven Gates

Spells marked with * are from LotFP's Vaginas Are Magic!. All others are from LotFP's Rules & Magic.

Pillar of Flame: With concentration, can summon & control a pillar of flame which can move 15’/round. Contact with the flame causes 1d6 points of damage/round.

Healed by Flame: Immune to all fire damage, and healed 1d12 hp/round which his 50% or more of his body is exposed to flame.

Magical Words: If Dark Lord Blood spends a round speaking the phrase "Suddenly six sidewinders strangle startled salamanders", up to 6 snake-like objects (ropes, whips, curvy sticks, kris daggers, etc) within sight are animated for 1d3 rounds under Dark Lord Blood’s control.

Snake-things Armor 12, Move 20′, 1 Hit Dice, 4 hp, strangle 1d4 damage, Morale 12. Grapple attack as if they had Str 16.

A bag of spices. Dark Lord Blood believes these to be valuable ritual herbs used to commune with Satan. In fact, they are only normal herbs, although throwing them in open flame creates smoke which will cause hallucinations for 1d6 hours for some unknown reason. The merchant who sold them thought he was ripping Blood off.

A staff with a skull on it. A pentagram is carved into its forehead. The staff does only 1d4 damage but on a roll of 3+ blood caused by the wound will flow into the pentagram, causing it to glow a faint red. This blood can be used for rituals.

Robes made from goat hide. These provide +1 AC and look pretty cool, but were tanned by Blood himself and smell horrible because he's terrible at tanning.

Lair: A waterfall hidden deep within a forest obscures the entrance to a small cave. Within is a large chamber used for ritual gatherings with a blood-stained altar surrounded by goat skulls Blood slaughtered himself, candles made from a mixture of their fat as well as those of the coven's victims, and pentagrams and other blasphemous markings. Several smaller side chambers exist housing Dark Lord Blood's personal quarters, a locust den, and a cellar of slaughtered animals which Blood uses to feed his locust servants. The lair holds 2d4 locusts at any given time, and there is a 50% chance that 1d3 worshipers will be there as well.

The waterfall will turn the color of blood while a ritual is underway and remain that way for 1 full day.

Acquaintances: Dark Lord Blood's coven consists of 2d4 worshipers, 50% of whom are 0-level schmucks and 50% of which are 1st-level Specialists. Regardless of level, all of them have expertly infiltrated the local community within positions of relative power and are completely unsuspected by their fellows as they do their dark work.

Infernal Servants: As part of his pact with Satan, Dark Lord Blood has been granted power over part of the swarm of locusts that have for so many years afflicted his family's farm (they have never been aware of this, as they are inept at farming as Blood is at coven-ing). These servants have been mutated to human size and can be controlled by Dark Lord Blood if he makes a successful Charisma check every turn, otherwise they act randomly.

Locust Beasts: Armor 16, Move 40', 2 Hit Dice, 10 hp, claw 1d6 damage, Morale 12. Flying. Can create a deafening sound with the timbals that make up part of their carapace. This action takes the place of all others for the round and makes communication and spellcasting impossible while it is in effect. If 3 or more of them combine this ability, all creatures within 50' suffer a -2 penalty to all actions.


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