Session Report: In The Heat Of The Night

Campaign Date: The night of May 2nd, 1630 CE
Location: Abingdon, England and surrounding areas
Cast: Bartholome the Fighter, Hadrian the Dwarf, Mystery the Specialist, Peter the True XXV the Fighter, Seigjagt Crowe the Magic-User

After wrapping up our Night of the Slashers side-story, we returned to our heroes in Abingdon, where they had recently begun work on their inn. Having purchased the property from the Baronet John Hotham, they began work clearing the foundations. When it grew too late to work, they joined the refugees of Rosewood in their tent encampment around the city.

They were awoken in the night by a crash, followed by screams and general panic. A lantern had been broken in the middle of the camp, causing a tent to go up in flames. The party quickly scrabbled to get their gear and determine the cause of the fire. They heard a succession of gunshots from outside the camp. By the time the party had rallied, the refugees were in total chaos.

The first priority was to contain the fire, which the party did by tearing down the tents around it and using the fabric to beat out the flames as best they could. Peter the Lucky Idiot stopped, dropped, and rolled on the flames, which worked better than one would expect. With the flames subsiding, Bartholome did his best to calm and rally the refugees. Seigjagt, Mystery and Hadrian took cover and attempted to find the source of the attack in the darkness. Peter kept fucking around, as always.

Seigjagt, Mystery and Hadrian were able to determine that there was a group of about a dozen attackers assembled in a firing line about 150 feet away, taking cover where the outskirts of a forest met a hill. Their vision had been impaired by the brightness of the flames, but they were beginning to adjust. Hadrian's infravision allowed him to see some mounted attackers approaching quickly, but the party was unable to attack them effectively.

One of the mounted attackers took a shot at Peter, hitting him squarely in the mouth, blasting out all of his teeth and killing him almost instantly as he fell backward into flames. Peter appealed to the Ref to make a last stand, one final Lucky Idiot attack, since he would henceforth be bound by an agreement to play a character more in keeping with the game's tone. The Ref agreed, and Peter drew a mighty breath, sucking his teeth back into their sockets and vacuuming up a large quantity fire. He then spat the combination of flame, musket ball and shattered teeth towards the enemy who had done him in, causing the blackguard to go up in flames as well as Peter expired in the darkness.

Bartholome led the refugees to cover, while the rest of the party returned fire upon their attackers huddled in the darkness. The element of surprise lost, the attackers retreated into the darkness, and were briefly pursued by Hadrian and Seigjagt who found their trail, but ultimately let them go as they were unprepared to face such a force.

RIP Peter the True XXV, Lucky Idiot, long live Peter the True XXVI, Fighter.


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