Session Report: Night of the Lepus part 1

Since I'm so far behind on session reports (they're the hardest thing to write, in my opinion), I'm grouping sessions 3-5 together into two parts. The events of these sessions all take place in a short period of time in-game, because The Pale Lady's gate to the Fae realm is only open on the night of the Vernal Equinox.

A nice atmospheric black metal album. Good for session soundtracks.

Campaign Date: the night of March 20, 1630 CE
Location: Rosewood, the estate of the Pale Lady
Cast: Errick the Fighter, Hadrian the Dwarf, Ivar the Cleric, Peter the Lucky Idiot, Rose the Specialist, Seigjagt the Magic-User, Vesper the Specialist

After finding the portal to the Fae realm inside the coils of the creeper vine in the window of the inn, the party decided to fortify the inn. They'd gained an attachment to the innkeep, who they'd found mutilated upon awakening the morning after their arrival, and wanted to help him. Shortly after they had, they heard the scream of a child, and checking out the window noticed that it was being carried away towards the forest by a furred monstrosity with a large physique and the head of a rabbit.

The party immediately abandoned their fortified refuge, causing me to cackle with delight internally. Checking the village, they discovered the child belonged to the blacksmith and that his loss had driven him to grab his hammer and prepare to head off in pursuit. Errick gathered the townsfolk and spoke to them, encouraging them to make defenses for their families and join the party in a hunt for the child. The blacksmith immediately set off at a sprint after the rabbit abomination, followed by Hadrian and Vesper, while Seigjagt and Peter set off for the outskirts of the forest to guard against any other beasts that might come. Seigjagt began to cast Glass Earth in order to see how many threats they were facing, defended by Peter.

Hadrian and Vesper did an admirable job of following the creature, especially when considering Hadrian's stumpy legs, but were unable to match the creature's natural instincts for navigation in its native environment. The child over its shoulder didn't fare as well, taking many scrapes and blows from branches along the way. Seigjagt saw it go unconscious after a particularly powerful strike to the head. When they realized they weren't going to catch it in a chase, the two decided to slow their pace and take a more guarded approach as they followed its trail. After following it for some time, they found an ancient, dilapidated stone arch which held the telltale, inky blackness of a portal, and prepared to enter.

Back in town Errick and Ivar made a strong case, rallying a brave and able-bodied hunter to their cause. The other folk were put inside the inn, as it was the most defensible place. Rose took advantage of the opportunity posed by an empty town to search for valuables, finding a few trinkets in the process. Meanwhile, Andrew had barricaded himself in the party's fortified room where he was currently having a panic attack.

On the outskirts Seigjagt spied five abominations headed towards the town and two towards their position. He made a Risky Casting roll to maintain Glass Earth while also placing a trap made from an entire bag of musket balls and horn of powder. With that prepared, they engaged the attacking beastmen. The explosion eviscerated one, while the other did a bit of damage to Peter but was cleft in twain by a mighty strike of his sword, swung by a chain. We did a calculation of how much a sword about 8 inches wide, 1 inch thick and 6 feet long would weigh: approximately 700 pounds. This kind of thing is Peter's privilege as a Lucky Idiot, as long as he can make the ridiculous rolls. He also modified it with drilled holes so that when swung it would make sounds and a lantern on the end of the chain. I have no idea why, but hey, I'm not the kind of guy that would play a Lucky Idiot.

Hadrian and Vesper tried entering the portal in pursuit of the beast, but found an overpowering and somewhat intoxicating scent of roses inside, which Hadrian suspected of having a soporific, mind-controlling effect. He solved this problem by tearing bits of his clothing, soaking them thoroughly in Dwarf Whisky, and plugging his nostrils with them. Upon entering, the three of them were seized by more hybrid animal creatures who had heard them from the other side of the portal. The Pale Lady herself descended from her dwelling to observe them, and offered them freedom if they would conduct themselves peacefully and serve as her agents in the mortal realm. The blacksmith reflexively refused and had his shoulders dislocated in exchange. Hadrian and Vesper agreed, spoke with the Lady for a bit, and left. Once outside they discussed a plan to find an alternate entrance and explore the Fae realm and find some way of freeing the prisoners.


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