Session Report: Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Campaign Date: May 4th, 1630 CE
Location: The wilderness around Abingdon & a nearby Dwarf tomb
Cast: Bartholome the Fighter, Hadrian the Dwarf, Mystery the Specialist, Peter the True XXV the Fighter, Seigjagt Crowe the Magic-User

After repelling the ambush by the deserters of the His Majesty's Royal Army of the Abingdon garrison, the party determined that something must be done about a large armed force which was unafraid to attack a town and a settlement of refugees in order to protect their secrecy and ill-gotten goods. They approached Sir John Hotham, Baronet.

They told Sir Hotham of the ambush and that they knew that it had been executed by the same band of deserters they had encountered previously and determined to be guilty of old-lady murder. Hotham agreed with them that this matter must be dealt with urgently and agreed to send a detachment of 10 of his personal force, provisioned with horse, armor and musket. They set off immediately in pursuit using the information gained by Seigjagt, Mystery and Hadrian the night prior to track them.

Traveling through the woods to the southeast, the journey was uneventful except for a random encounter roll which resulted in a disturbance in the undergrowth. The party went into high alert, fanning out and cautiously advancing to surround what turned out to be a wounded wild dog, spooked by all of the activity and hiding from danger. The party narrowly avoided firing a volley at each other after surrounding it they were so on edge.

Soon after, they followed the trail to its end, a Dwarf tomb where the deserters had made camp. The party took up ambush positions and got the drop on the guards. They took out several deserters, but suffered one casualty of their own. Some of the enemy broke and ran, and some afield in the forest took notice of the attack and moved back towards the tomb to flank the party. Despite this multi-pronged attack, the party prevailed with only 1 further casualty to Hotham's forces and had cleared the exterior of the tomb, leaving the way open.

They approached the tomb, an earthen mound with standing stones atop it and large stone slab doors at the entrance. Upon examining these slabs, they determined that the doors were meant to be opened by means of a giant lever. Luckily, they had just the thing: Peter the True XXV's impractically large sword, which we quickly calculated at the table to weigh 675 pounds or so. The party was momentarily awed and befuddled at his ability to wield the thing, but got to the task at hand. Levering the tomb open, they found a long hallway ahead. Sounds echoed faintly in the distance, likely more deserters.

Mystery and Seigjagt took up positions behind standing stones to fend off any further attacks from the direction of the woods, while Peter, Hadrian and Bartholome entered into the tomb with a couple of Hotham's men. Down the hall they found a room full of stone tablets with some type of burial records and a large lever for opening the outer doors. A little further, two rooms facing each other contained a small dais with a large statue of a dwarf warrior bearing an axe, and across the hall a room with two wells. The wells within the room were found to contain the smell of bodies in one, and a large collection of valuables in the other. Statues overlooking each held expressions of disgust and admiration, looking over the corpse pit and the offering pit, respectively. The party noted the presence of treasure, but focused on the task at hand.

The noise they had caused brought out a pair of deserters, taking cover on a recessed staircase before firing a volley towards the party and killing another of Hotham's men. In response Hadrian tossed a Dwarf Whisky Molotov, which landed near several casks of gas stored for the purpose of corpse preservation but which is also highly flammable. The two deserters were thoroughly exploded.

In the hall behind them, however, the party heard the scraping of stone, although they did not know from whence it came. A minute later, they heard the doors close.


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