Based on the incredible illustrations of Gennifer Bone. Check out her Patreon.
Slow, mournful and meticulous doom perfect for pondering the ages in solitude

Old places, important places, hold memories. Not the people who lived there, but the place itself, which recalls a time when it held a purpose, when it was the center of many lives and important events. When the place is abandoned and forgotten, it takes on a life of its own. Archaeomorphs are the sentient forms of places. They take a form composed of its larger, inanimate body, synthesizing a semi-organic motile form with which to wander their own halls, or caverns, or fields, or forests. Their time is spent tending to the needs of the place, which is at once their body and their environment soaking in its geologic memories and perhaps building it into something even greater than it was before. Solitude has become a comfort, having witnessed so many lifetimes and momentous events that any additional ones would be redundant, minuscule and petty, or possibly overwhelming and intrusive to the more sensitive among these aged and alien beings.

Archaeomorph Armor as Plate + Shield, Move 40′, 10 Hit Dice, 100hp, autokinesis 2dX damage, Morale 11. Autokinesis has a range of 100’. Each consecutive round the Archaeomorph attacks, its autokinesis gains power and range. Attacks made by autokinesis begin using d4s, and one die is automatically shifted up each consecutive round the power is used (2d4 the first round, 1d4+1d6 the second, 2d6 the third, 1d6+1d8 the third, etc). This can continue until the dice shift up to d100s. The range of its attacks also increases according to the table below. It may take a full round to reset its autokinesis dice to 2d4 the following round.  Autokinesis may also be used to reconfigure the physical layout of the Archaeomorph's environment, shifting and creating walls, tunnels, chambers, or other features. Altering environmental features takes a full 10 minute turn.

Range from Target
# of Targets
5’ radius
10’ radius
20’ radius
40’ radius
60’ radius
100’ radius
*The Archaeomorph also does ½ of the total damage rolled on d20 and d100 dice to itself.


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