Mercurial Angel

Another monster based on one of Gennifer Bone's wonderful illustrations. She posts awesome monsters to her Patreon, and is generous enough to allow patrons to use them non-commercially with attribution. You should check her work out if you were not already aware of it, and consider becoming a patron for awesome stuff like this.

Epic, depressive post-metal. Bask in the fuzz and drone.

Mercurial Angel

Seven Mercurial Angels exist, inflicting death and tribulation upon the wicked. They are the result of an alchemical aberration, an element imbued with consciousness and will, created by a secret practitioner of the occult during the time of the Inquisition. Discovered in his hidden laboratory, he was tortured on the spot and forced to confess his sins and submit to the glory of God before he was allowed to die. The animate substance created by his experiment absorbed the intensity of these emotions as his life force passed away. It split into seven creatures, believing themselves to be true angels, deliverers of the wrath of the Lord and reflective of the harsh light of His judgment. They are observers of men, cataloging their sins and taking account of the severity of their punishment. Those who are seen to break the divine commandments or even obscure edicts of the Levites or papal decrees face a reckoning and are slain in a flash of glorious light or forced to suffer a slow death by poison. In the case of sinful communities, the angels will atomize their bodies in the atmosphere, bonding with storm clouds, literally raining down the wrath of the Lord upon the earth and reforming over the course of 3 days.

Mercurial Angel Armor as Chain + Shield, Move 80′/fly 240’, 9 Hit Dice, 56hp, quicksilver strike 1d6 ranged/1d12 melee, Morale 12. The angel’s reflective body reflects bright light sources and sunlight, giving it a +2/+4 armor bonus depending on intensity of the light. Gazing directly at the angel for 5 or more consecutive rounds forces a save versus Paralysis each round or be struck blind for an equal number of rounds. Attacks made by the angel doing 6 or more damage will cause mercury poisoning to the target unless they successfully save versus Poison.

Effects of mercury poisoning include tremors, mood swings, irritability, excessive shyness, depression and slurring of speech.


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