Session Report: Geriatric Euthanasia

Campaign Date: June 5, 1630 CE
Location: The peat-farming hamlet of Harmstead and lightning-blasted valley of the mysterious tower
Cast: Bartholome the Fighter, Hadrian the Dwarf, Mystery the Specialist, Peter the True XXVI the Fighter, Seigjagt Crowe the Magic-User, Vesper the Specialist, and a plucky young peat-farmer guide

Encouraged by their friend the Earl, the party agreed to investigate the mysterious tower of which he spoke. They traveled northwest to a hamlet outside the valley in which the tower lay. They found it to be mostly abandoned. Over the years, most had grown tired of hard times in an area where no merchants would travel and where little would grow. Looking around, they found a young man working a peat field who agreed to be their guide to the tower. They asked him for more information, and he took them to an old man who had claimed to know what was happening around the tower.

The man claimed to have worked for the owner of the tower: a wizard who had made him do many terrible things, and on whom all the ill fortune that had befallen the area could be blamed. In exchange for more information he made the party agree to find a special herb, a white leaf on which moths make their cocoons. The party and their young guide found it in the countryside while Seigjagt went off on his own.

Away from prying eyes, Seigjagt cast Glass Earth, intending to scout the area and perhaps catch a glimpse of the tower. While searching, he found a shepherd boy trying to get his flock back to the hamlet, but wolves surrounded them in the distance. Seigjagt decided he would do his best to help, and attempt to cast Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow, a blood control spell, from the wound suffered by one of the rams in order to distract the wolves and protect the flock. He attempted the Risky Casting roll necessary to cast while maintaining Glass Earth (I likened this to trying to tie your shoe with binoculars strapped to your face) and failed. The Miscast roll caused an entirely different, random spell to be cast, resulting in Seigjagt casting Those of the Unlight instead, still targeted on the ram. The effect caused the ram to meld into its own shadow with absolutely no idea of what was going on. This caused it to react in the way rams react to most surprises and threats, panicking and charging around. This uncanny sight was enough to frighten the wolves away, and left the shepherd boy questioning his eyes and perhaps fearing that the strange happenings from the hamlet's past had resumed. Seigjagt decided that was enough for one day and returned to the party.

Returning to the old man, the party helped him make a tea to soothe his pain using the rare herb. He told them that as a young man he had been an assistant to the wizard, that he'd helped him in his research. He confessed that the strange goings on and disappearances the townsfolk spoke of were indeed their fault, that subjects were needed for research. He began to fade, and the party ascertained that they had helped poison him. As he died, he told them that he had escaped long ago but the wizard was still there, trapped, and that they should take great care.

The party stayed the night and buried the man in the morning before setting off for the tower. As they grew nearer they saw the lightning surrounding it, striking at an alarming rate. They decided to store their metal gear a safe distance away in the wagon and make their way to the tower, where it seemed safer. A close call with a bolt occurred, but they made it intact. The party examined the door, reckoning it too stout to shove, and perhaps too foolish to grip its menacing sculpted snake doorhandle. Using one of the knockers, they were greeted with the sound of a bell ringing within and the doors swung open on their own, just like a Scooby Doo mansion. Entering the tower, they quickly made their way through the entryway and sitting room into the guest hall, in which there was a fancy statue of a king and a medusa, posed as if they were dancing, their eyes locked in a loving gaze. The party, Hadrian in particular, feared that this statue might come to life, and used 50 feet of rope to bind it securely. After snagging several bottles of expensive wine and opening one for a taste, they chose to move onward and upward.

On the second level they found abandoned servants' quarters, which they turned upside down in search of loot, finding a journal, which they pocketed, but nothing else of interest, and so they moved on to the next level.

Atthe top of the stairs, they found a locked door and a trickle of blood coming from the keyhole. Upon investigation, they noticed the keyhole was blocked. Mystery attempted to pick the lock and failed, eliminating that option. Hadrian made the decision to break the door down. He met with success, as well as a massive wall of blood, crashing down on him and a few others and washing him down the stairs, although doing little damage. Picking themselves up and doing their best to clean themselves, they went back up the stairs.

Inside, they saw an old man, dressed in fine clothes, standing within a circle of salt and strangely unfazed by the appearance of several blood-soaked adventurers.


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