Shadow Haunter

I'm a patron of Gennifer Bone, the tremendously talented artist and very awesome person who illustrated Lusus Naturae, my favorite OSR bestiary. She posts awesome monsters to her Patreon, and is generous enough to allow patrons to use them non-commercially with attribution. You should check her work out if you were not already aware of it, and consider becoming a patron for awesome stuff like this.

This feels like the right album for an inscrutable shadow-lurking collector of eyeballs.

Shadow Haunter
The Shadow Haunter has seen many places and lived untold centuries. It is gripped by the compulsion to see the entirety of the universe, and flits from shadow to shadow, cataloging what it finds in its ageless memory. The Haunter can access the visual memory of others, as long as it possesses an intact optic receptor and nerve. It peers through the cracks of its bony fingers, holding these collected eyes up to its own, and goes where it pleases, guided by the memory of the one whose eye it has taken. It is not always on the hunt, often it is silently observing or enjoying the sense of discovery when it arrives at a new location. If it senses one who has traveled far or seen much in its lifetime, however, it grows greedy and violent, desirous of the eyes that have been where it has not.

Shadow Haunter Armor as Leather, Move 60′ or blink between shadows, 6 Hit Dice, 36hp, claws 1d6 damage, Morale 9. May blink between shadows within line of sight in place of other actions. May hide within shadows as if it has a Stealth skill of 4 in 6 as a free action. On a strike dealing maximum damage, removes the eye of its target. May travel to any location seen in the lifetime of a creature from which it has taken an eye until the time it was removed, requiring a 10 minute turn and uninterrupted focus.


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