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Under the rules of my Combat skill, Fighters gain unique combat options as they advance. Each time they gain a level of the skill, the Ref and the player collaborate to customize a maneuver that will be for that character only, reflecting their talents and combat experience. I gave several examples in the original post, but here are some more to help Referees flesh out NPC Fighters or roll on if a player would rather progress randomly.

Details such as range and other variables have been intentionally omitted and are up to the Ref to determine based on any relevant factors such as distance, level, skill level, hit dice, or other circumstances. As combat is a major component of RPGs, it is advised that effects have a short duration, have limited or situational application, and do not adversely affect the actions of other PCs or rob enemies of actions in order to preserve player agency and the challenging elements of combat.

This table will be added to periodically, and readers are welcome to make their own suggestions as well.

d20 Maneuvers

Act first in initiative the next round
Attack again after a successful hit
Conceal yourself more effectively in cover, gaining an additional bonus to Armor rating
Direct an ally or henchman in lieu a normal action, allowing them to use one of the standard combat options as a Fighter or take an additional minor action
Disarm an opponent/remove a worn item
Disorient an opponent
Double an attack's damage, breaking the weapon in the process
Drive an opponent back
Gain an Armor rating bonus for the next round
Grapple an opponent after a successful attack
Impress bystanders with showy moves, granting social benefits. The bystanders must not be terrified, attacked by the PCs, or wounded in the combat or any benefits are lost.
Jump from a mount’s back after making an attack to make a second attack
Knock an opponent to the ground
Move again after attacking
Read a weakness in your opponent’s combat style and gain an attack bonus against it
Redirect an opponent’s next attack to a different target
Reduce equipment failure chances or reroll if it has failed (firearm misfires, for example)
Reload more rapidly
Save with your Strength or Dexterity bonus as appropriate
Score a critical hit in exchange for allowing the opponent you’re engaged with to attack you first


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