There is a lineage of fish that remember the time long ago when some of their kind left the waters and became creatures of the land. These animals have changed in their own way, and wish to stride the land just as their ancient brethren did. They await vulnerable creatures, preferably those with intelligence equal to their own, and crave most strongly of all to experience the lives of humanoids. Should they be lucky enough, they will take their form and even their identity while the original creature is left to drown. The Mirrorfin will fill their place until their magic is broken, when they will return to the waters and repeat the cycle once again.

Armor 14(fish) 12(humanoid), swim 100′ walk 80' , 2 Hit Dice, 10hp, no attack (fish) attack as unarmed or weapon (humanoid), Morale 10.

Gazing at a Mirrorfin causes creatures to be entranced by the glint of their scales. The following round, the Mirrorfin will attempt to lock eyes with the creature, which must make a save versus Paralyze. If the save fails, the Mirrorfin take the creature's form (but not equipment) the next round. The creature will then attempt to disrobe and dive into the water until they drown. Any who witness the transformation must make a save versus Magic or be confused and unable to differentiate the two, despite the doppelganger's lack of clothing. A Mirrorfin only reverts to its true form if it sees its own reflection, which causes them to return instantaneously to their pool unless bound by magical means.

Art by Aleksei Goferman


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