Star Giant

The particular tracks I wanted to use are from a limited EP called The Cold Suffocating Darkness Goes On Forever And We Are Alone, but it's only available as part of this digital compilation. Tracks 18-22. And yes, it takes its title from a Rorschach quote in Alan Moore's Watchmen.

Star Giant
The universe is cold and empty, but not without life and consciousness, some even analogous to the pathetic, crawling organic life on Earth. Among these are the Star Giants. A few were placed there by the gods, others created by collective belief in myths of constellations. According to those knowledgeable in the occult, those destroyed by a Sphere of Annihilation are drawn into a collapsing universe, compressed to infinitesimality, and thrown forth once again in its inevitable eruption, merged with star dust and empty void. Their maddening, eons-long existence alone gives them an enormous antipathy towards mortal life, and when they are able to escape their celestial bonds they often create a swath of indiscriminate destruction.

Star Giant: Armor 5 (due to size: 150' tall), Move 80′, 12 Hit Dice, 96hp,  Slash 2d12, Morale 7. All damage dealt to a Star Giant is reduced to 1 except by silver and magical weapons. Star Giants are affected by their own reflection and if shown in a reflective surface will suffer damage equal to their last attack. Suffering damage in this fashion triggers an immediate morale check. Aeon Husks stir memories of their time within the crush of a universe of matter and trigger a morale check as well.


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