Spells That Are Fucking Metal: Corridor of Chameleons

Here, have a creepy alien skin-swapping spell. It'll come in handy. 
Inspired by Meshuggah, who just seem to have the best song titles for writing spells.

Corridor of Chameleons
No./Area Affected: 1 subject
Duration: Permanent

Many people wish they could be another person, live their life, have their possessions, be surrounded by their loved ones. There are those who can, and who do such things- replacing others while no one notices, taking their forms and following their mannerisms so well that even their closest friends and family could never notice. These beings come from far away, but it is possible to find them, to walk the long path to their home, and to learn their ways.

By entering the Corridor, the subject may interact with these creatures and trade their form in exchange for the ability to take the skin of another person, whom they must know. They will take this form permanently; it is impossible to revert to their original appearance. In their new form, the subject is completely believable and undetectable by any magic. With the creatures' aid it is of little difficulty to mimic the victim's speech and mannerisms. The subject’s Charisma score is replaced by that of the new form. This spell may be cast on the same subject more than once, but the others do not look kindly upon those who do not prize their gifts, and will require a great favor in return. The holder of the chosen form may be taken, never to return. 

Miscast Table

As normal, but the subject does not fully heal, leaving muscle and bone exposed in 1d4-1 spots on the subject’s body.
As normal, but the subject must remove their skin once weekly to cleanse themselves and protect themselves from rot and infection.
Spell fails.The subject can never shake the feeling that those around them are not who they seem, forcing the subject to make a save vs magic before any social interaction or morale roll or suffer a -2 to the roll. It will also inflict sanity loss if your game includes that mechanic.
Spell fails. The subject’s closest henchman, friend, or family member is replaced by a chameleon, who will attempt to spy on the subject.The disguise is undetectable aside from observing them during a new moon, when their form is exposed beneath their skin mask.
Spell fails. The subject is taken captive for study and advancement of the techniques the chameleons use. They are mutilated beyond recognition and become unplayable. NPCs are removed from the campaign.
Spell fails. The subject has attracted the attention of the chameleons, who take an interest in their form...

As standard Miscast Table result.


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