Session report: Odinist Coven, Assemble!


Since this will hopefully be a regularly updating campaign chronicle, best to introduce the characters. For now the players will go unnamed, until permission is granted to post their names/chosen aliases.

The Cast
Errick Müller, level 1 Fighter
Veteran of many wars, specializes in firearms and carries an arquebus.

Hadrian, level 1 Dwarf
Uses a 2-handed great hammer and carries a copious amount of Dwarf Whisky.

Ivar, Level 1 Cleric of Odin
Outspoken in his faith, seemingly poor in judgment. Recently rendered one-handed.

Rose, level 1 Specialist
A classic lurk-in-shadows, assassin for hire-style Specialist.

Peter the True XXIV, Level 1 Fighter
A fighter with terrible stats, including a negative Strength modifier, and a terrible douche. He is the prototypical Lucky Idiot, a class I invented specifically for this character. He uses a Berserk-size sword, drinks milk, and pisses me off, but also makes me laugh.

Quaddle the Slothful, Level 1 Magic-User
The Magic-User responsible for the Chaosgoat Law incident, who has not been back from that 1st session despite our love for the way he kicked off our campaign. He's sat in over Discord a few times since, but not often.

Seigjagt Crow, Level 1 Magic-User
An edgy monster hunter heavily inspired by the video game Bloodborne. Wears a buckle-y leather trenchcoat, face scarf, and a tricorn hat. He gets a lot of shit from the Ref for this.
Spells: Necromantical Screams, Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow, Glass Earth. These can be found in Vaginas Are Magic! from LotFP, except for Glass Earth which is available here on the blog.

Vesper, Level 1 Specialist
Another of the lurky, sneak-attacky type Specialists, but who for some reason carries a claymore.

Campaign Date: March 20, 1630 CE
Location: Rosewood

When we last left our heroes, they had decided to kill the fuck out of the nuns and abbot who had the gall to disagree with the party's pagan religious proselytizing. We went from zero to murderhobo reeeeeeal fuckin' quick. Not complaining, it happened organically, but man, was I surprised. And pleased.

The session began with looting the recently blood-drenched cloister, of course. Hadrian and Vesper investigated the main hall, revealing a fancifully bound and illuminated Catholic bible worth 200sp, some silver communion cups worth a combined 50sp, incense worth 75 sp, and an iron key. Seigjagt and Errick browsed other areas, finding salted meat rations and wine made at the cloister (a common practice to fund the operations of abbeys during that time period).

The area behind the pulpit in the main hall had a large double door, locked, and opened by the iron key. Within was a cowering man, who introduced himself as Andrew. He had been abducted by the creatures many years ago, and kept in the lands of the Fae, growing to adulthood there, although he and all the others were castrated as children. The players never questioned the high-pitched voice I affected for the character, and thus never learned this fact, but it bears mentioning. Andrew is huddled in the corner, hiding from the noise outside beneath a blanket. He's placed iron chains over the stained glass window in the room, a fact the party immediately takes interest in as a means of defense against the threat they heard about from the nun who fled from the area in session 1, but haven't yet encountered.

A successful reaction roll and some very slick talking convinces Andrew that the party are not going to murder him as well, and are interested in protecting others from the fate that befell him so many years ago. The party learns that the path to the place Andrew was kept only opens at a very specific time, and that's how he was able to escape. That time is the Vernal Equinox, which canonizes the date at March 20, 1630. Since it is impossible to have a meaningful campaign if strict time records are not kept, well, that starts now. Praise be to Gygax. He also reveals that the creatures are animal/human hybrids who serve a lady, of whom he is very much afraid and does not wish to speak. The players are not aware of this fact, but as with many Fae, the lady can hear when she's talked about, and that's not something Andrew or anyone who knows what's good for them wants happening.

The party takes Andrew back to town and gets him and the innkeeper, who was wounded in the last session, into their room and barricades it, using iron nails to nail the window shut and using extras to give it some spikes. There is a vine hanging from the window, of which the foolish players take no notice.

As darkness falls, the players hear a noise outside their window, and check. It's a clawed and furred hand, which has emerged from a portal within a coil of the vine. Errick goes after it with an iron soldier's shovel and severs it.

Checking the portal, they find it to be an impenetrable inky black, and that things pass through it without coming out the other side. When the vine is uncoiled, the portal disappears. The players prepare to dig in for the night, as it's clearly too dangerous to try leaving town, and hey, there might be a reward in it for them if they help defend the place.

Tune in later for session 3. And check out this album, Ash Borer's Cold of Ages. Dig those badass synths.


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