Session Report: Night of the Lepus part 2

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Campaign Date: the night of March 20, 1630 CE
Location: Rosewood, the estate of the Pale Lady
Cast: Errick the Fighter, Hadrian the Dwarf, Ivar the Cleric, Peter the Lucky Idiot, Rose the Specialist, Seigjagt the Magic-User, Vesper the Specialist

Back in the village, the group of five abominations approached the inn, where Errick and the hunter
planned to make a stand. Ivar had gone mysteriously missing (his player was absent) and Rose was still off robbing the village. The two of them fought well against the attackers, killing three  before the archer was torn to pieces, and Errick killed the fourth before a series of bad rolls caused him to be killed by a bat abomination which sunk its fangs into his throat whilst gouging his eyeballs out with its claws. The bat then entered the inn, causing a panic among the townsfolk, who rushed upstairs clamoring for entrance into the fortified room. The abomination was trampled to death, but Andrew's panic caused him to shatter a lantern and set the inn ablaze. The townsfolk escaped with few injuries, while Andrew was trapped. Off in the village Rose was picked off by an abomination who caught up to her while she was crouching on a rooftop in some shadows trying to look all cool and stuff.

Seigjagt noticed the panic in the town thanks to his Glass Earth spell and made an attempt to return to the village to help, whilst still maintaining the spell and forcing a Risky Casting check. He failed, but the result caused him to teleport to the last location he was looking, which happened to be the flaming room with Andrew, exactly where he wanted to be. Lucky bastard. He was able to free Andrew with minimal damage.

Vesper and Hadrian found an alternate entrance where they could enter stealthily, coming in around the back side of the Pale Lady's estate. After getting the lay of the land, they decided to leave and return with the rest of the party. They joined Seigjagt and Peter in town and resolved to enter the Fae realm, but not before taking the townsfolk to the abbey in hopes of keeping them safe since the village was decidedly not. Upon arriving, they remembered they had left a whole bunch of bodies there, and tried to delay the townsfolk from entering until they could clean it up or something. They were unsuccessful, and had to do some slick talking to avoid being lynched, but were eventually successful. And just as they had the townsfolk safely fortified, they set off to the alternate portal as the sun was near rising. As it came up, the portal vanished before their eyes, the way closed presumably until the next year's Equinox.

In the aftermath it was discovered that several other children had been taken without anyone noticing in the confusion, and the townsfolk blamed the party for not only failing to protect them, but escalating the situation to violence that had resulted in death on top of the abductions, not to mention some slaughtered nuns.


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