High On Fire- Cometh the Storm Album Review (w/ bonus d12 table of Barbarian Foe-Slaying Weapons!)

High On Fire is one of the most reliably awesome metal bands around. They're the long-lived project of Matt Pike, the guitar master of Sleep, worshiper of Lemmy and High Weedian priest of all things stoner, sludge and doom. Pike is a master of the crunchy riff, the transcendent arcane pulp fantasy lyric, the gruff orcish berserker growl and battlecry. Cometh The Storm is the band's 9th record and one of their most cohesive. High On Fire always takes a different direction on each album, with their last, Electric Messiah , being a departure from the mid-tempo, crunchy sound in favor of a Motorhead and thrash-esque style. Messiah was not my bowl of weed, though I respect it. With Cometh The Storm , High On Fire is back with a rager of heavy, head-nodding riffs and horn-throwing solos. To me it sounds like a fusion of Blessed Black Wings and De Vermis Mysteriis , with a minor nod towards his bandmate Al Cisneros's OM's middle-eastern sound in the instrumental track Kira

Get ya self some tapes pt. 3 (w/ bonus Lost Codex table!)

Time for another round of haunting, jamming black metal and dungeon synth in its physical form. And why tapes? Well, they look kinda cool in their own aesthetic way, they make a ka-chunk in the machine, and some of them are literally hand-dubbed and decorated by the musicians or indie label dudes. They have sort of a grungy quality to the sound (especially if your machine makes a tape hiss). A worthy addition to your table if you like to physically DJ the soundtrack to a session. Warduke- Module 1 Dungeon Chip Music? Yup. It takes the point-and-click or text-based vibes of classic DS and says "But what if Zelda?", and it works. Despite high recommendations for Warduke's discography across the board, only Module 1 seems to be available in physical form. Comes in this goofy clamshell, so you could put it on the bookshelf instead of the tape box. Sadly, there is no module within. You can either write a letter about it, or go to heimatderkatastrophe for another tape, since

Get ya self some tapes! pt 2 (w/ bonus lost codices table!)

Back with a second round of lo-fi, small batch Satanry in cassette form. You know the drill, it sounds kinda like shit (or "textured") in its production, so buy it in physical-sounds-like-shit form. Direct links to bandcamps, you can buy most of these from Out of Season , who have a fantastic selection of the black metal and dungeon synth we all love. Blood Magic- Goetic Blood Spells Murky, raw black metal. First track is drone, if it doesn't do it for you then don't write it off, the rest will give you your thrills on route 666. Crucified Serpent- No Second Coming Winner of this post's Best Band Name award, and best band member names too ("Cruel Treatment" & "Canine"). Well-composed black metal of the traditional variety with some punky elements and ambient interludes. Warlock Corpse- Cosmic Spell Excellent fusion of outsider dance/rave, dungeon synth, sci-fi sample/sound-collage. Great variety from track to track. Some of his other rel