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Tips for Running The Tomb of Black Sand

Tomb of Black Sand is an exemplary adventure for 5E D&D. The only module written for the system I've run, and the only one I've been interested in content-wise or impressed by design-wise. Previously, I wrote a review of it from a physical and layout perspective, and I give it high marks with a few minor nitpicks. Take notes on the adventure, print the Treasure Checklist Familiarize yourself with the town of Brighton Familiarize yourself with the important Tomb NPCs Personal touches Optional: Print maps & NPC/monster art 1. Read closely & take notes Use a highlighter to mark text and tabs to mark the following in the book/printouts: Amulet fragments (p. 4) 📑 Hexmap of Brighton (p. 6) 📑 Brighton NPCs (p. 8-9) 📑Sights & Sounds (p. 13) Candles & Sacrifice Flow (p. 14-15) Suffocating in sand (p. 16)  Print the Treasure Checklist. It will be helpful to make a few "breath bars" for the suffocation rules ahead of time. Make su