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Mr. Marvale's Neighborhood (Sirenswail Session 2)

Date: Late summer 1640 Location: The White Wind , en route from Penzance to the island of Sirenswail Cast: Shio the Alice, Gundislavus the Magic-User, Helga of the Ulvenbrigad, Harold the Mule   Cosplay by Kanasaiii Previously: Ambushed by a child vampire of the Heart faction native to Shio's "Underland", our party tends to wounds and prepare to search for it, hiding in maggot form in the hold. Presently: The sound of the struggle awoke a drunken sot passed out behind a stack of supplies. He introduced himself as Gundislavus, described by Dylan as Dan Harmon in wizard clothes. He questioned their panicked state, and was further puzzled by their explanation in his recently-awoken, still hung-over state. Nevertheless, he was convinced of their truthfulness, because why would you not take the word of an absentminded youth, one-armed Amazon warrior and mule which seemed to be huffing and puffing in a fashion remarkably similar to a human biting their tongue in the presence

Don't join the illuminati through my comment section... (w/ bonus NPC)

  Yup, I have the best chatbots. This has been going on for quite some time. Either the rest of you OSR bloggers are more fastidious in maintaining your comments, or I have done something to attract the attention of the great esoteric order of the cyber-illuminati. This really is great entertainment (for me at least). I'm not deleting their comments. Read them, be entertained by them. Please don't click them, get phished, and have your identity stolen and your cash converted into bitcoin.   Bonus Gameable Content: Dr. Odion Level 3 Specialist 9HP Armor 12 Dagger 1d4  The inspiration for this NPC Languages 3-in-6, Alchemy 4-in-6, Medicine 4-in-6   Elias Odion is an accomplished physician and apothecary. He is a servant of those in need alongside his husband Corbin. He provides his services as charity, provided he can do so while avoiding notice from those who distrust herbology and curative medicine beyond simple understanding. He has learned the arts of mundane medicine throu