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Review: Tomb of Black Sand by Jacob Hurst (w/ bonus Necromancer's Candle magic item!)

Here we go! Many years late, let’s see what an OSR guy thinks of the current, most modern edition of D&D. Sure, it came out like 6 years ago and most of you have probably already played it. And, like me, you probably prefer OSR games of the B/X flavor, because you’re reading a fucking LotFP blog. Also, spoilers, I’m still an OSR guy through and through- 5E hasn’t won me over so far, and it likely won’t, as it’s quite an uphill battle for the wordy, bloated, and kinda generic style of 5E to replace the weird-as-hell, nasty, fucking metal OSR in my black fucking heart. But Jacob Hurst, author of the Hot Springs Islands books, brings the Tomb to 5E but OSR innovation and style are all over it. I'll give a fairly in-depth look throughout several posts. This post will give my impressions of its physical production, layout, and an overview of the content. Future posts will give more specific (spoilery) observations as well as pointing out comparisons between 5E and OSR along t