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My Blog Has The Best Chat Bots (w/ Bonus Necromancer NPC!)

It appears that the comments of several of my posts have been infested by chatbots. Normally, I would not be a fan. However, they seem to have latched on quite aptly to the content of the blog, so I can't complain. Yes, I have Illuminati, occultist chatbots. Please don't call the WhatsApp or whatever they're posting, but go ahead and check them out over on the Dark Lord Blood and Lucky Idiot Weapon posts. I have no idea why the Lucky Idiot post became ground zero, I think it may have just been the most current post at the time or something. It has some interesting interplay between the bots, as it seems they're arguing with each other about the legitimacy of their respective Illuminations. Bonus Gameable Content: Elizabeth David  Level 1 Magic-User Elizabeth is kind, simple, and highly suggestible. All she wanted was to marry her small-town sweetheart, Gnert the farmhand. He was so handsome! And that milking technique! Unfortunately, one stormy night a