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Mork Borg RPG Review (w/ bonus Mangled Bodies table)

A doom metal album of a game. A spiked flail to the face. Mork Borg is the new hotness, the winner of 4 Ennies, and the most visually striking RPG product in years. Rules-light and condensed, while also being completely, absurdly saturated with aesthetics. Every person I've shown it to, roleplayer or not, has told me they need to get one just to keep on their shelf. Mork Borg is art-zine RPG design epitomized. Physically, even holding the book is enjoyable. It has a soft texture and the art is embossed into the cover, giving it a great feel. Every page you flip in the book is a surprise. There is no predicting what comes next- oversized gothic script, silver foil, chiaroscuro, biblical verse and even subtle little easter eggs. It makes you want to play it.  There are 4 general sections: setting, rules, random tables and optional rules, and a starter adventure. The world lore is presented in short 1-2 paragraph chunks for each region and laid alongside evocative art. You&#