D30 Happenings Near Hellmouths

D30 because they're cool and huge. And I don't have enough time for D100 tables.

It was probably a bad idea to found a town on top of the sacred ground of a murdered people. Or for the church to burn that witch. Or for the townsfolk to trade with those dark travelers. Or to be near a wizard, like, at all. So here are some things that can haunt, plague, and otherwise fuck with folks.

D30 Happenings Near Hellmouths
  1. Cries of children are replaced by the caws of crows
  2. Rings and necklaces growing too tight to remove
  3. Night sweats of a thick, black and mildly caustic ichor
  4. Faces on coins seem to snicker and gossip in the corner of one's eye
  5. Hunger for raw meat and honey mixed with blood
  6. The sound of a hissing whisper echoing all of one's words
  7. Scratching compulsively until fingernails fall off
  8. Forgetting one's own name, on occasion, and substituting it with that of a demon
  9. A preponderance of shrikes and their impaled prey in nearby trees
  10. Whitish grey, foul smelling mold taking hold on all religious icons in the area
  11. Dreams of royals and nobles in the throes of death, night after night, unceasing
  12. Arrival of travelers at strange hours of the night who vanish before dawn
  13. Worms and maggots appear in stool and urine
  14. Harvested crops vanishing from granaries and found re-planted in their fields, undisturbed
  15. Inability to cast spells without first asking the permission of the Dark Master
  16. Trees and plants rotting and producing nests of spider eggs in place of fruit.
  17. All bells and song on the Sabbath are silenced, no matter how loudly they are struck or sung
  18. Cats speaking as sages, whilst the wise lap at milk
  19. One's footprints being reversed such that the right becomes the left, and the left the right, or that they appear as those of an animal when shone in moonlight
  20. Growth of swine tails on children
  21. Rain that tastes of tears, and brings fear and sadness to those it touches
  22. The iris turns a blood red and glints in the dark
  23. Prayers issuing from the lips of the faithful reversed, yet understood
  24. Skin drawing drum-taut around the skull and fingers, revealing the shape of the bones beneath
  25. Nests of vipers growing within the belly of a cow
  26. Sickness causing vomiting. Of flies.
  27. Symptoms of pregnancy and swelling of a rock hard, pulsing goiter in the abdomen
  28. Thread unbinding itself from garments and rethreading itself to the wearer's skin
  29. Aging 1d12 years at dusk, and waking 1d4 years younger at dawn.
  30. Death of mothers in childbirth, strangled by their child's umbilical cords


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