Non-Magical Healing & The Medicine Skill (and, of course, Torture)

Fuck Clerics. Magical healing is bullshit and removes a huge part of the resource management aspect of dungeon crawling. Plus, it practically requires one of the players to choose to be one to maintain the game balance. And why keep such a specific, limited class with its origins in a vampire hunter class? Get rid of that shit and figure something else out that has a little bit more variety than crusaders or Van Helsing. Yeah, I've got something in mind, but that's coming in another post. For now, here's how we deal with non-magical healing. 

Recovering HP
1+Con modifier hp per day with bed rest.
1+Con modifier hp per day without bed rest with a successful Con check.
Dwarfs recover 1+Con modifier per day without bed rest with no check necessary. They recover 1d4+Con modifier per day with bed rest. They consider taking time off for healing lazy and will not do so unless severely wounded.

Negative Con modifiers will cancel out healing or cause loss of hp instead as the wound worsens over time, reflecting infection and general lack of medical knowledge. Dwarfs are never affected by a negative Con modifier. 

1 in 6 for all characters. Specialists may increase the skill normally. 
A subject may only benefit from healing once per day. Successful use of Medicine skill negates Con penalties during healing.
Attempts made without specialist's tools have a maximum 2 in 6 chance of success, regardless of skill level (SL).
Medical facilities may provide a bonus at the Ref’s discretion.
First Aid: takes a single round, either in or out of combat. Heals for 1d4 +Con modifier.
Medical Attention: takes a full 10 minute turn. Heals the subject for 1d4 +SL +Con mod.
Hospitalization: takes 24 hours. Requires a safe, clean location, and the focus of the person using the Medicine skill. Heals the subject for 1d4 hp + 2xSL +2xCon mod. Ignores Con penalties.

A failed roll inflicts 1 hp of damage.

Originally posted here as part of a review of an album. Modifications have since been made from that version. Your choice whether you prefer Torture Classic or New Torture.

Characters have Torture skill equal to their Medicine skill.
When torturing a subject, the user must inflict 1 or more hp of damage on an immobile, powerless subject. The torturer receives a +1 bonus to SL per point of damage inflicted beyond the first. If they can successfully lower the subject's hp to exactly 1 on the first roll, the subject is completely dominated and will answer all questions honestly until their death.
A successful torture roll forces the subject to reveal the answer to one question honestly and to the best of their knowledge. 

Torture attempts can only be made once per 4 turns - the subject's Con modifier (a +1 modifier would allow a check every 3 turns, a -1 every 5, etc). The body must have time to recover, lest subjects become numb or die. 

After each attempt the torturer must roll 2d6+ the number of hp inflicted. If the result exceeds the subject's Morale score the subject is broken and will say anything to placate their torturer and ease the pain, only giving useful information 50% of the time. If the subject was dominated as described above, the subject will not break.

Both the Medicine and Torture skills were inspired by Nick Whelan. Check out his dope-ass blog over at


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