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Welcome to our Not-Human-Sacrifice Feast, Outsiders! (Sirenswail Session 3)

Date: Late summer 1640 Location: The Island of Sirenswail, southwest of Cornwall Cast: Shio the Alice, Gundisalvus the Magic-User, Helga of the Ulvenbrigad, Harold the Mule  Previously:   Arriving at Sirenswail, the party was greeted by the beautiful Sarah Marvale and her father Lord Arthur, who guided them to the idyllic village on the Island. Presently: The winding path from the beach along the cliffs took the party past beautiful golden fields of wheat and orchards of fruit trees laden with bounty. Lord Marvale was immediately open about the Island, telling them that their community served as a safe haven for users of magic and believers of faiths persecuted by Puritans and their Witchfinders. They sought out folk like the party and employed Rennie to bring them to the Island on the White Wind , where they hoped they would choose to join them and grow their numbers. And they wanted the party to celebrate with them, because they would soon be having a feast!  As their tour took th