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d30 Rituals of Summer

  Praise the D30, cyclopean chthonic orb, grandest of the dice. Accept this offering of rituals, and blessed be thy rolls. This table has weird summer-flavored customs, celebrations and rituals for pagans or cultures with remnants of ancient beliefs.  Results are in order of escalating weirdness. Depending on what you want, use the following: d10 for fairly mundane/realistic results d20 for weird resultsd 30 for trauma, fear and sacrifice Should you enjoy this table, I have others... Rituals of Spring Rituals of Autumn   Rituals of Winter d30 Ritual 1 Wildflowers are planted into thatched roofs 2 The able-bodied embark on a hunt for the greatest beast. The victor  receives tribute from the village until the next summer when the hunt  begins again. 3 Young folk wrestle livestock. Victors claim the animals as their own. 4 Children lead prisoners in dances. Those who follow the child’s  instructions satisfactorily are freed. 5 Boasting competitions are held. If contest